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Title RepTex 1.0



Do you know the find&replace function of all basic text editor? well RepTex has advanced find&replace functions. As a mather of fact you can do multiple replacements within multiple files using the batchmode of RepTex.

I originally designed it to modifie entire websites. Most of the time I use a MySQL database for local developping, but production site are accessing any other database system. This requires for example in PHP do modifie replace "mysql_" by some other prefix. By the same way you can change all the database names, etc ...


Software has been tested and is ready to be used. I use it while transferring website from my local developping machine onto the production server.


RepTex 1.0 is copyware. This means that it can't be sold. Copyware is always full functional software and doesn't contain either restrictions nor reminder messages.

If you like the software you just copied and want to get any support or updates, please send your particulars to the author. This will help him to know how many people do use his software and whether or not he should continue developping it.

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