Development Software MPEG DJ Player 2.0
Title MPEG DJ Player 2.0



MPEG DJ Player 2.0 is a MP3-Player with integrated database. I designed it to be used on partys or other manifestations. You simple load all songs you want to hear, select what options you want to be activ an off we go. If you have a big hard disk you may play different songs during days!


Software has been tested and is ready to be used. I fact MPEG DJ Player is my favorite MP3 player.


MPEG DJ Player 2.0 is copyware. This means that it can't be sold. Copyware is always full functional software and doesn't contain either restrictions nor reminder messages.

If you like the software you just copied and want to get any support or updates, please send your particulars to the author. This will help him to know how many people do use his software and whether or not he should continue developping it.

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