Development Software SAMi 2.000
Title SAMi 2.000



SAMi - acronym for  School  Administration  Management  Interface - is an interface which allows to manage certain parts of a database. It consists of two different parts:

  • The first part is a Java class, which connects to an RMI server and imports the data.
  • The second part is a Delphi interface wich connects via JNI to the Java class to get and put data.

A bit special about SAMi is, that not only the Delphi interface can execute methods of the Java class, but the Java class can throw Delphi events as well. This allows for example the RMI server to disconnect remotely the user an make SAMi shut down. I realized this event passing through a common library interface DLL, which is initiated by the Delphi part with the necessay information and which is then loaded with the Java class.


Fhe first part has been finished, but the rest is stil under construction.....


SAMi has been developped at and for the  Luxembourg University of Applied Sciences and can't be sold nor purchased under any circumstances.

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