Documents Reports Stage de Pratique Professionnelle
Title Stage de Pratique Professionnelle
Date 2002.06.20
Language French

This document describes different experiences I made during my practical training of 15 weeks at eleven saint-paul interactive. Goal of this practical training is to integrate young engineers in real projects in order to show them what professional life will be.

The main part of this report explains the different projects I participated on.

The first project, ""Caritas"", is about the redevelopment of the internet site of Caritas Luxembourg. The new site contains a public section as well as a password secured administrative section that gives the employees of Caritas the opportunity to update their site independently.

The second project I worked on, called ""Goody"", aims to inform the internet surfer about different promoted articles. The shops can manage online articles by their own. That is why this project includes different sections too. On one side there, is of course, the public section, on the other side the administrative one, which contains this time two parts: One part that allows shops to manage their promoted articles, and are part to manage the whole site.

Both of them are written in PHP and connect to a Sybase database, which is managed from the respective administrative part.

The third big project, ""Marco"", is a Windows based application which allows simple management of contact persons and orders of clients. ""Marco"" has been written in Delphi 6 and connects to a central MySQL database. Besides this, there are some other small tasks described:

  • Implementation of a dynamic menu for the new pages of the DNR.
  • Online event calendar for the Willibrordus Bauverein
  • Development of a dynamic content management system

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