Webdesign Portfolio

If anybody of you is interested in seeing what pages I've yet created, just look at the list below. Click  here to get the list of the websites I developped some time ago but where I'm no longer responsible for. Please notice, that this is a non exhaustive list and that since 2008 I've set up a lot of sites I didn't have the time yet to integrate into this list.


Yet another site using DyCoMaSy as backend CMS.

http://www.bio-nest.lu http://www.bio-nest.lu
Bobbejaan a.s.b.l.

Bobbejaan a.s.b.l. is an organisation that aims helping to protect monkys.

http://bobbejaan.tux.lu http://bobbejaan.tux.lu

This is my wife's new page. Nice frontend using DyCoMaSy as backend manager.

http://www.droberodung.lu http://www.droberodung.lu

Another site which runs DyCoMaSy in the background.

http://www.droen.lu http://www.droen.lu
Elisabeth Calmes

I got this job via a friend. It's also based on the DyCoMaSy CMS.

http://www.elisabethcalmes.com/ http://www.elisabethcalmes.com/

This is the internet site of the hotel of father-in-law.

http://www.eurohotel.lu http://www.eurohotel.lu
From Africa

A site with many photos from a wildlife rehabilitation centre in South Africa

http://fromafrica.tux.lu http://fromafrica.tux.lu
Harleyclub Lëtzebuerg

Yet another DyCoMaSy frontend.

http://www.harleyclub.lu/ http://www.harleyclub.lu/
La Palette de Perles

This one still runs the old DVE as backend CMS, except for the shop which has a separate management interface.

http://www.lapalettedeperles.fr/ http://www.lapalettedeperles.fr/

This is my latest work. The site has its own CMS with automatic picture generation. Nearly everything on it can dynamically be changed!

http://www.levygraphie.lu/ http://www.levygraphie.lu/
Lycée Technique des Arts et Métiers

My school. What else should I say? Maybe that it uses DyCoMaSy as backend CMS? ;-)

http://www.ltam.lu/ http://www.ltam.lu/
Master Computer Club Luxembourg

Even through it's a long time ago that I've put my finger into this page's code, it is still up and running ...

http://www.mccl.lu http://www.mccl.lu
Motoclub Lëtzebuerg

One more time ;-)

http://www.moto-club-letzebuerg.lu/ http://www.moto-club-letzebuerg.lu/

In a first time, I registered this domain name just for testing purposes, in order to test dynamic domain name switching. It worked greatly :-)

http://www.tux.lu http://www.tux.lu
Walfer Fotos Frënn

One more DyCoMaSy front.

http://www.wff.lu/ http://www.wff.lu/