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Title Unimozer



What is Unimozer?
Unimozer implements mostly the same functionalities as BlueJ does.
  • It allows the user to draw UML diagrams and generates the relativ Java™ code automatically.
  • All changes to the Java™ code are transmitted immediately back to the UML diagram.
  • Classes can be compiled and objects can be created.
  • The user can interact with the created objects by calling any of their public methods.
Why this new software?
While working with BlueJ, I missed some features so I decided to put my fingers, once again, into the code.
What about it's name?
"Unimozer" is a very bad acronym for "Universal Modelizer", which comes straight from the fact that it can draw UML diagrams. In english the name "Unimozer" may sound quite nice, but in luxemburgish or german people may giggle about it's pronunciation.


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Copyright (C) 2006 by Robert Fisch