Development Languages

Here a list of the different development languages I learned until now...

The bar underneath the name indicates my ability to use the given language for development. For those who don't know it: The ability to use a given language depends essentially on its syntax and doesn't reflect the developers knowledge about how to write an application.

In the second column you find the development tools an utilities I used to develop in the given languages.

  • Quick Basic
index.php?id=3&include=developpment_description&program=27&section=dev&document=1&state=&language=3 Description of Basic
  • Cygwin
  • PHPEd
index.php?id=5&include=developpment_description&program=27&section=dev&document=1&state=&language=5 Description of C
  • Visual Studio
  • Cygwin
  • PHPEd
index.php?id=6&include=developpment_description&program=27&section=dev&document=1&state=&language=6 Description of C++
  • JDK
  • NetBeans
  • Unimozer
index.php?id=7&include=developpment_description&program=27&section=dev&document=1&state=&language=7 Description of Java
  • MU Lisp
index.php?id=9&include=developpment_description&program=27&section=dev&document=1&state=&language=9 Description of Lisp
Object Pascal
  • Borland Delphi
index.php?id=2&include=developpment_description&program=27&section=dev&document=1&state=&language=2 Description of Object Pascal
  • Borland Turbo Pascal
  • Free Pascal
index.php?id=1&include=developpment_description&program=27&section=dev&document=1&state=&language=1 Description of Pascal
  • SWI Prolog
  • PHPEd
index.php?id=8&include=developpment_description&program=27&section=dev&document=1&state=&language=8 Description of Prolog
Visual Basic
  • Excel
  • Visual Studio
index.php?id=4&include=developpment_description&program=27&section=dev&document=1&state=&language=4 Description of Visual Basic
  • Smultron
  • PHPEd
  • XML Tabler
index.php?id=16&include=developpment_description&program=27&section=dev&document=1&state=&language=16 Description of XML